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Pay it forward!!

Welcome to 2019!!!

My 1st blog of this year is starting with… “pay it forward”!


I just wanted to share my today’s experience in a metro… 😉


I got on the metro with my classmate after school, we found 2 seats close to a door. So, we just sat down, as usual. 2 seconds later, I realized that an elderly man couldn’t get any seat as it was already taken all the seats.


It’s nothing special, I stood up and offered my seat to the man. He was quite happy and told me “It’s so kind of you.”  I felt happy and kept talking my classmate who was sitting next to him.


Until here, it’s nothing, happens all the time, right?

Then, what happened made my day!!! 😀


I saw a young boy was sitting not far from us. When I was facing to my classmate, suddenly someone touched my back. When I looked back…, it was the boy!!

Yes, he offered his seat to me!!! Can you believe that?! How kind he is!!!


He was a bit shy and run to his parents’ seats.  But I was hesitated to take his seat, then the elderly man said “Pay it forward. ;)” I told them “Thank you so much!” with a big smile!


Right after I sat down the empty seat, the elderly man said “Come and sit here, we can switch. Then you can talk to your friend.”


Oh my…, we exchanged our seats and everything was set. 🙂


“Pay it forward.”


I wish the boy will get offered a seat next time when he needs it!!!


Beautiful people, they made my day!!!

Little happiness on an ordinary day, if we look for it.



2007年から始まった海外生活も早12年。旅行大好き、海外大好き、自然大好き、踊るの大好き! オーストラリア、ニュージーランド生活を経て、カナダの永住権を取得。現在はカナダ東部にあるフランス語圏のケベック州モントリオールにて、ビジネススクールに通いながらフランス語に格闘しつつも、気ままな生活を送っています。 多国籍で個性的な人たちに囲まれて、時に笑い時に泣き、穏やかな日が続いたかと思えば波乱万丈に急展開する日々、そんな何気ない日常生活から現地情報、学校、旅行のお話などを皆さまと少しでも共有出来たら良いなと思います☆ Hi there! I am RIRIN, living and studying in Montreal, Canada. I love travelling, nature, outdoor activities, dancing, etc. and sharing time with my precious friends!! Nothing special, but full of small happiness and surprises are hiding in our ordinary days. Let’s share some spice of life a little by little!

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