日本で約5年営業職を経験した後、オーストラリア、ニュージーランド生活を経て、2015年にカナダの永住権を取得。現在はカナダ東部にあるフランス語圏のケベック州モントリオールにて、John Molson School of Businessに通いながら、自由で気ままな生活を送っています。
Hi there! I am RIRIN, living and currently studying at John Molson School of Business in Montreal, Canada. I love travelling, nature, outdoor activities, dancing, etc. and sharing time with my precious friends!! It has been over 13 years living outside of my “home”, Japan. After living in Australia and New Zealand, it seems like I have found my “another home” here in Canada.
Through my life in living in different countries, that experiences made me think about what the value of life and relationship with people, how important to care about environment/nature and the way of living “Eco-Life Style” are.
Nothing special, but full of small happiness and surprises are hiding in our ordinary days. Let’s share some spice of my life a little by little! 😉